Sensual schoolgirl was tempted and rode by her elder lecturer

5min. 07sec. 34,248 views May-04, 2020

A naughty schoolgirl with a slender figure entered her father's office in handcuffs when he found her out dancing in front of the camera. The father was disgusted by such an event and had to teach his son a lesson - to put it simply, a lesson is not an instruction. He decided to punish the rebellious student by giving her a good lesson with some pussy licking and riding in the office. The blonde youngster did not feel like dancing and the dick that was about to make her happy was not going to stop when he stroked his cock on her belly. While the young lady was very happy, she continued to do the dance because she knew that if he fucked her harder, he would not give it up. The man didn't have any problem with that, but he did not stop until he masturbated on her belly.he did not stop until he took her to work and began to fuck the young lady right there in the office.

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